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  1. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    So, I just bought a 2010 VW Jetta 2.5 Auto and I was wondering if it's possible to install a turbo and if so, how much? I love VW's and what not but the 2.5 was all I could get my hands on (credit wise). SOMEONE HELP!!! I NEED A BOOST!;)
  2. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    I have a leak in my transmission. Since it is a sealed system, what do I need to do? I can feel the car idle harder when i'm at a light. When i put it in neutral its fine. Ideas? costs? :/ thanks!
  3. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    When ever I'm already moving and I take my foot off the gas peddle then press it again to accelerate there's a lag. It'll like make a thump and then accelerate. It does not do this from a stop only when I'm already moving. Is this normal? It won't thump if i very slowly apply rthe gas.
  4. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    Heres the thing, IM getting an MK5 jetta for sure. I found a nice 08 automatic wolfsburg 2.0t, but i want a manual.. the only 6 speeds i can find are 2.5 engines, is it a BIG difference, do you think its worth getting the 2.5 engine just so its manual?
    My new 2008 Jetta 2.5 Plans: Some wheels (bbs,maybe some Gti Detroit's) Roof rack Intake Lovin it so far:) Any tips or any thing I should know about these cars, its my first VW,
  6. Jetta Troubleshooting
    Was driving a couple of days ago and all of a sudden got a strange warning message "no engine oil pressure" followed by the engine shutting down. Come to find out, the last place I had my car parked had a great deal of oil spilled on it, and when I tried to replace the oil, it was just pouring...
  7. Jetta Troubleshooting
    I just bought a 2006 2.5. It has the handsfree controls in the steering wheel, but they do not work. I believe this is because I need to purchase a RCD 500 module? Is that correct? If so, can I buy and install myself, or should I hit up the dealer for this? Thanks in advance.
    wtb 2007 jetta 2.5 intake manifold non-turbo and front end parts! i need intake manifold for the 2.5 engine non-turbo any parts on the front end with both headlights that are hid i'm located in dallas texas. for faster respond please text or call 469-348-8433 thanks
  9. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    Hey guys, well im was just surfing through the internet looking for a sharkfin antenna and i came across this I was wondering if i could install this antenna on my Jetta LE since this antenna is for satellite radio and...
  10. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    I just bought a 2005 2.5 and on the way home noticed a faint ticking behind the radio and glovebox. It is about 2 ticks per second, and can be heard whether the car is idle or running. Doesn't matter if the A/C is on or off, or if the radio is on or off. It ticks at the same speed whether it is...
    Hey all! I am the proud owner of a 2009 Jetta SE! It jus clicked over to 2500mi in the first month of ownership *tugs at collar*. I am new to the car enthusiast thing but I am eager to learn! Firstly, I’m not “car dumb” but when reading the forums I am concerned about the term “neglect.”...
1-11 of 11 Results