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  1. NorthEast Coast - USA
    SONIC EURO BLAST Aug 31st, this show is for EVERY European car brand. All VW, BMW, Mercs, Audi and other euro Makes are welcomed. The show is from 11-4 at the Fruitland MD Sonic Drive in. Judging and Awards @ 3pm. THIS CAR SHOW IS FREE to attend and $5 to register your car. All $$$ goes to...
  2. Blog
    Hey guys, I want to upgrade my turbo but I dont know what I should do. My car has the Stage 1+ Unitronic Chip, Full Apr Turbo Back Exhaust, Apr CAI and the APR DV. I was looking into getting the APR K04, but ive been reading and everyones saying its not worth the money. Any suggestions?
  3. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    I have a 2009 GLI TSI that I've had chipped for about 9 months. The fuel pump keeps going out on it. I'll get down to a quarter of a tank and the car will shut down. First time it happened I took it to the dealership and they fixed it but 5 months later-now- it is happening again. I can put fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results