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  1. Wheel and Tire Classified
    FS/FT : corvette c5 wheels *Local trade/buyer preferred* painted gunmetal, first coat is plastidip, then sprayed the gunmetal and clear coat over so you can peel it off if you dont like the color. Rear = 18x9.5 et 61. Tires = Milestar ms932 sport 225/40/18 Front = 17x8.5 et 56. Tires =...
  2. Photos / Images / Wallpaper / Video
    I've always seen it passing the other way so i never get to say hi but this time i saw it parked! Walmart (the place famous to be full of rice) had one little gem in it lol this Walmart is on South Halsted in Glenwood, Illinois which is a south suburb of Chicago. If anyone knows this guy or has...
  3. Midwest - USA
    I see tons of Jettas around here but only a very small percentage have any mods. I was just looking to see if anyone here lives in the Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana region. Hope I'm not the only one :-\
1-3 of 3 Results