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  1. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    Long story short, I've pulled the head on the Jetta. How do I identify if this head is a head 'with smog', or a head 'without smog'? :confused: That's where I need help and where I REALLY need other Jetta Junkies thoughts, advice, HELP, and opinions, on one specific key element.... Smog.. I...
  2. VW Jetta MKIII 1991–1998
    Hello Guys, The Newb here trying to get some info about his ride. After beating it down . I really fell in love with the car now I want to restore it. First by getting the information i need. Is my car really a 99 or 98 VW JETTA WOLFSBURG edition or did some one just stuck the label in the...
1-2 of 2 Results