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  1. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    2001 Jetta 1.8t AWW Wolfsburg Edition Hi everybody, This is my first jetta, first non-American car, and second car overall. I am a diy'er looking for some help. I have tried to search around the forum over the last day in a half but the search function isn't the friendliest. My problems are: 1...
  2. VW Jetta MKIII 1991–1998
    Ok guys, got a 96 Jetta GL. And on my gauge cluster, the Tach and Speedo aren't working, but my fuel and oil temp gauges are (as is the odo and clock) Loose wire? Fried Fuse/Relay? At idle, the needles on the Tach and Speedo just vibrate.
  3. VW Jetta MKIII 1991–1998
    If I missed it forgive me I did a little searching and couldn't find anything relative to my situation. Both my tach and speedo on my mk3 are dead. I read up and found that usually it's the speed sensor, and luckily the previous owner had pulled one from another mk3 before having it go to the...
  4. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    this problem is not very important because my engine is running fine but its really annoying. Sometimes when i accelerate quicker than normal my Factory tach needle jumps or skips. it will go from 3000 rpms to 3250 rpms to 3500 rpms and so on at random. the needel seems to jump or skip instead...
1-4 of 4 Results