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  1. VW Jetta MKIII 1991–1998
    i have a 96 glx it has all disc brakes. i was told by a buddy who used to have one that in order to change the pads and rotors u need a special tool to release the pads? is this true? if so what is the name of the tool and where can i buy one? i need to do breaks asap.
  2. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    :mad: I had a He!! of a time fighting the damn 4 pin clip then after being afraid of getting squirted and way too cautious...I get to the Big Ring Thing.... Looks like and functions like the bottom of a blender...and WTF? I need this magical $229.00 tool :tickedoff:...I smell, my car is torn...
1-2 of 2 Results