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  1. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    Just got a jetta and am curious as to what mods i should do to improve performance/aesthetics. Just bought a new 3 inch magnaflow turbo back exhaust. Car is at 100k miles. What next?
  2. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    So my Girly has been good to me since the build. But I can't say that I have been nice to her. Had a good summer going on rides, trips, ezoo in NYC and the track. But the track is where my trans finally took a dump. So now I'm thinking what can I do to upgrade my drive train. She's a 02 1.8t awp...
  3. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    So I have an '01 jetta 2.0 with a 5 speed manual. Does anyone know how much hp an torque the tranny can take before it starts to cause damage. The car has around 135k and I have a K&N cold air intake in the short ram configuration if that's helpful.
  4. VW Jetta MKV 2005.5–2010
    Howdy i have a 07 GLI manual, completely stock. Last night i roasted a BMW 3 series. It was a close one though. So thats why im here. I want some opinions of must haves. im guessing my budget for now is about 1k. exhaust, down pipe, intakes brands. Anything yall guys throw at me is greatly...
  5. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    Hey guys, I have an '03 Jetta GLI VR6 24V and i'm looking for more power. I already have a Injen CAI and a Magnaflow catback. Is there anything for programmers/chips? All I have heard/seen is that you have to change out the ECM. Possible turbo or supercharger? If so, what kits? Also, what is a...
  6. 2011-present VW Jetta MKVI
    Has anyone upgraded to performace chips on a 2010 VW Jetta 2.5, if so which one and why? I'm looking at getting one but there are so many out there, so I turn to my fellow junkies to help choose. Here are some that I'am looking at:
  7. VW Jetta / Bora MKIV 1998 Euro,1999.5 US -2005
    hey everyone. so i have a 2000 jetta glx. its the vr6, and right now this is what ive done to the car: intake, exhaust, lowering springs. i was wondering if anyone had any input on what i should do next to the car. ive thought about just putting the little money i have into exterior work such...
  8. VW Jetta MKIII 1991–1998
    Hey guys I'm new on here and i need some advice. i got a 98 jetta GL for free from my grandmother because unfortunately she can no longer drive. So instead of buying a new car I figure it would be dumb not to take it. In some what of an unfortunate way ive had the pleasure of driving my parents...
1-9 of 9 Results