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01 Jetta Blow off/Diverter valves

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New here, new to VW..

Picking up my 01 manual Jetta Monday. Super excited, it'll be my 2nd car. 1st was a Dodge ram 2500. Gas Guzzla!

Anyways, I got about $1200 I can work with for mods... I'm thinkin' chip, intake, turbo back.

I have a quick question.. I was shopping for BOVs because that's going to be one of the first things I want to put on, however, been searching around and a lot of people are saying BOVs are no good for 1.8ts.. So I am doing a bit of shopping for DVs now. Only thing is, I heard DVs arn't as loud as BOVs. This is a problem, I want my compression blow off/charge-air or whatever you call it to be loud... But I also don't want to cause any problems to the turbo... Or anything else for that matter.

I found this BOV/DV from Forge... I don't know anything about it, so I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is a good idea.

Now it's ok if you want me to search and find out but it'd be cool if someone could explain real quick BOV vs. DV.

Also, if that bov/dv from forge isn't the best can someone show me to the best or "LOADEST, SAFEST" Diverter Valve out there. Again, I have $1200 bills I can work with, so I could put a good bit down to the DV.

Don't know much about cars or VW, and super excited to join you guys on the road. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread or if there's hundreds of these threads (i tried searching).

cant wait to hear from you,
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Oh I see, so basically a diverter valve, diverts the compressed air back into the turbo, where as the BOV just gets rid of it.. ?

So It's ok to have a BOV in my 01 1.8, as long as I install it correctly...?

Thanks a lot. Please correct me if anything I said is wrong.


What about that Forge BOV/DV I found in the first post, any good?

Thanks again.
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the forge dv is a well known and highly used by many 1.8r owners. You also might want to look into chip tuning and an exhaust. That Should get you some good numbers
Yea, ok thanks. I'm so excited.
I have a quick question, I'm new to the whole VW thing, I can from dsm lol. My questions is do these cars come stock with some type of BOV or DV? My mom had a 02 1.8t but she wouldnt let me tear into it so I could learn about it. I have a 98 TDI right now but I am in the market for a nice 02-04 1.8t thanks and sorry for the newb question:)
ya, your moms 02 has a stock diverter valve. Diverts the air back into the intake
Hey im new to this sight and i've been lookin @ vw jettas because I just sold my jeep grand charokee and was wondering what kinda vw jetta should I get...i want btw the years 2000-2004 price range wise but idk what model to get...?!?

and if i were to get one should i put a cold air intake on it, a performance chip and what else? cut the rsignator off?

what would all that do if i did all that to my jetta..

if you could get back to me that would be great thx for your time...and sorry about the newb question
It just depends what you want to do.. I put a stage 2 clutch in mine with a 8 lb flywheel, cold air intake, and a 2.5" downpipe.

The clutch grabs better when you shift, the lightweight flywheel helps the rpms climb faster, cold air intake brings cold air into the turbo and allows for a small horsepower gain. about 5-10 horses.. Also gives the "pshhhhh" sound when you close the throttle. The 2.5'' downpipe helps exhaust to exit much more freely then the restrictive stock downpipe, thus adding some horsepower, keep in mind this is on a turbo jetta.

I would suggest getting a turbo jetta, a downpipe and exhaust before you get a chip for it. But once you do get a chip, it's going to add about 30-40 horses, depending on the chip. Or you could get a $1000 chip for 80 horses :D.

Anyways, you could do a lot more too. You could get lowering springs (look into TEIN), that lowers your car, and makes it more stable for turns. You could also get a strut bar, in the engine bay, and the back of the car, again for stable turns. You could get bigger headers, for better exhaust flow, there's so much you can do. Eventually get a bigger turbo! For some real numbers!

But I suggest getting a turbo, no matter what you do. Good luck.

Also, check this out:
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Peoples cars don't go into limp because of BOVs.. They just run rich between shifts. VWs are designed with diverter valves, so the air gets diverted when you close the throttle back into the intake and they re-use it. If you get a bov, it just gets rid of the air, the ecu is adding fuel for the amount of air your pulling in, and all of a sudden when you shift all this air disapears, now you have all this fuel that you needed because of all that air you had. No big deal. I guess some cars react differently to BOVs though. You could do what I did and get the "Forge Splitter", which is half diverter, and half blow off and no CEL, Or you can change it to all blow off, or all diverter. It's pretty cool.

Avoiding limp mode:

There is this thing called... Diode mod.. You wire in some diodes to trick the ecu into thinking you never make more then 12 psi (or 17 psi), depending on what diode you get. Thus, eliminating limp mode and allowing you to boost to.. pretty much anything you want.
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