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Hey, I just got my first car, an 05 Jetta, and I have a few questions:

What's the slot to the left of the manual slot in the glovebox for?
Is there any sort of armrest or center console or anything that could constitute an armrest that I can get through a dealer/aftermarket?
Is there any way to get an iPod/aux adapter for the factory stereo?
Should the lock on the inside trunk and gas flap lock the gas flap too?
Should my antenna point off diagonally?
Are there any changes I should make to the equipment (IE should I buy a certain air filter, a certain oil, etc), especially if it would help gas mileage?
Any specific cleaning supplies that I should get/avoid?
In the back, there was a bag with the front plate mounting equipment and two other mysterious objects: a large, metal rod, and some sort of strap about 2 feet long that locks onto itself not unlike a belt. Any idea what they are?

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