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06a block. what type of aluminum?

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Block cracked due to a leak from a warped thermostat housing. (hint-dont add water to hot motor). it has about a 2 inch crack right between the waterpump and thermostat. Going to weld the crack with a tig welder (im not a professional is ha). hopefully it works im not out much if it doesnt. My question is what type of aluminum is our blocks? and if theres any welding guys in here, what type of rod should be used with the weld?
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They're usually cast aluminum or an aluminum alloy with magnesium.

The correct method is to cut out 1/4 inch of material to weld the crack at its root.
You can't weld over a crack to fix it, it will just crack again, or spread.

Not knowing the exact composition of the block, can't safely say which
materials to use to weld it.
I know with my old car, the head had a good size crack about 4 inches long. I sold it to my buddy and he ended up just welding the crack and fixed the problem. I'm not sure how long it lasted though, since he sold it afterwards.
not welding over the crack. going to V it out with a dremel after i get it all cleaned up. guys coming sometime this weekend to look at it and see what he can do. hopefully will have my car back soon :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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