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This is my first post - I have a 1987 Jetta GL 1.8L and when I try to accelerate it dies out. If I feather the throtle a bit it will rev up more, but not all the way. I have found that if I put my hand in the airbox and push up on the airflow meter as I rev the engine, it works fine. Also when I rev the engine the boot on top of the airflow meter sucks in a little as the engine bogs down. I am guessing I either have a problem with my airflow meter or could it be the plunger in the fuel distributor. I have read that if the airflow meter has any resistance when you push it up, its the fuel distributer. I do have more resistance when the system is pressurized but I am guessing this is normal. I am wondering if there is any way to tell which one is causing the problem? Or could it be something completely different?? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You!
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