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For sale is a black 1995 Jetta GL with 114k miles on the body and 87k on the second engine. Its a 5-spd 4-door. This car was meant to be my daily, and it had electrical problems. I had the wiring and shorts fixed, and I drove it for a few weeks without problems. Then a trans axle seal broke, and it has been in my garage ever since. I don't want to put more money into this car, I bought it for $1500 and am willing to take a loss to get garage space back. It passed New Jersey inspection a week before the trans axle seal broke, which is good for two years. I'm definitely open to trades for a more reliable daily driver. I figured this was the right place to look as this car will need a little TLC. Located in North Jersey


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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