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Hello all. I am new to the forum.
First off let me give a run down of my ride. Shes a 1996 jetta MKIII. She is lowered on coilovers with e30 rims. I bought her and ended up putting a new trans pan in it whem i first got it because she wouldnt go in gear and leaked trans fluild like crazy but after that she was good. Was my daily.

Now my issue. I was driving about 4 days ago and the car died out of no where . i sat on the sode of the road looking for the reason for the problem and found that my ignation coil was cracked. I managed to limp her to orillys and buy a new ignation coil. After i installed it she ran like new. About 2 days after i went on a drive and drove downtown and going around town and out of no where the radiator hose busted and soaked all my wires. I was not thinking qbout them being wet just getting her home. I re ran a couple hoses and drove her home and parked her and fixed the damage that was done. Wires still wet i dont know why i did this i was not thinking i wanted to go get food and didnt wanna drive my honda because its straight pipped and my township police love to give me tickets over anything and everything. Anyways i started the jetta to go to the store and gave her a little rev because i love how my exhaust baffles but after the first rev she stalled and wouldn't start. Ive replaced the battery and starter and plug wires and distributer cap and the igantion coil is a day old. Checked all my fuses and relays under dash. Shes not getting spark well she does from the coil it sparks like 2 times when i first crank it then it just dont spark anymore and after i stop cranking itll spark as soon as i stop also when i plug the battery in itll spark and make a zapping noise. The plugs get 1 spark when first cranking but thats all. Itll act like its gonna start sometimes but hasnt started since this happened. Please help me i miss my jetta so much any advice on what i should do would be great.

Motor is a 2.0. Also is a automatic.
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