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1999 2.0 mk4 driving and car shuts off please help

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I have a 1999 2.0 mk4 a couple of days ago I was driving the car shut off at a red light tried to start it for about 30 min it would turn over but not start went back to where I left it that night and it fired right up. Same thing happed yesterday. About a year ago I did a tune up changed MAS, crank shaft sensor and fuel pump regulator. I'm completely out of ideas any help would be great
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Does it sound as if it wants to start or no?
Could be multiple things.
When was the last time u did your coilpack, wires, and plugs?.
Do you have fuel in the tank? (Never know til u know)
Notice a drop in voltage, rpm, or anything not normal when it occurred?
Is your chk engine light on (pull codes if on and post)?

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Yea I changed the coil pack, plugs and wires about 8 months ago and yea there's fuel in it. I always check the basics first. It seems to only happen when slowing down or stopping. Yea sounds like it wants to start.
Automatic or stickshift?

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How is your fuel filter??
It's a manual trans. Changed the fuel filter around 6 months ago as well
Is ur check engine light on?
Can be a crank sensor maybeeeeee

I sent this thru the Intranet™
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