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OK so I have a 99.5 Jetta GLS 2.0 5sp Manual and I am having some serious issues. I bought the car and it had problems with the cat converter. Had it replaced last winter. Had new o2 sensor, plugs and cables 2 yrs ago. check engine light on until cat replacement then shortly after went on again. Took it back said it was something to do with my idle. I planed on bringing it back as soon as I had the cash but it went off again. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, car ran very low on gas, only had a few dollars to put in but it should have gotten my light off. My gas light stayed on and it was reading over a quarter tank and chugging a bit, idling, running rough. The light should have been off at the point the lever was reading. i went to get some fuel cleaner thinking I had a clog or something but before I got to the station to fill it up it kinda chugged once hard and all resumed normal. Light off not running rough. A few days ago my check engine light came on again. Since then it is getting worse, have to push more on accelerator taking of or it feels like it is going to die, intermittent chugging at steady speed, idling ROUGH, and yesterday the check engine light started blinking at me!!! It is not consistant though, it is off sometimes, solid sometimes, and blinks sometimes. I stopped by a shop and they ran the codes and here is what I got. I have NO idea where to start.
17990 idle adaptation limit reached
P1582 intermittent problem ecm.
0134 Engine control module defect intermittent,
16684 random missfire,
1687 cylinder #3 missfire,
17988 throttle actuator bank 1 malfunction intermittent,
17708 missfire detected possibly low fuel
P1300 intermittent,
16686 cylinder #2 missfire.
I currently have a half tank of gas. My car has a salvage title. it was wrecked and rebuilt the yr it was new. it has an interior leak that comes through the right front wheel well area. the carpet is gone and the electric controls on that side of the car do not work. seat heater, defrost. My temp gauge sits at bottom level but once in awhile, like now, moves to middle 190 point. never hot and does not move high to low and such. I get 28-29 MPG. My car just turned to 140k miles. The shop said it may be a computer issue and I need to replace it first. I am afraid my car will blow up or something. I can not see anything when I visual my engine. It is clean and nothing apparent. I am mechanically inclined but I am now preg so no fixing anything with fluids or fumes. I need any help possible of things I can try and do for myself. I have the Chilton book on it too if that would be of help.
Oh and if I was going to just get rid of it anyone have any ideas how I would find out the value? leather, sun/moon roof, new cat, new tires, breaks, engine is super lean, transmission works great, drives amazing...when it runs, bad paint(clear coat bubbles) straight body.
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