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1999 VW Jetta CHEAP BUY if looking to put some work into it!

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1999 VW Jetta GL. Silver older model jetta before they changed over to the new model in '99. 149,300 miles just needs some work! Needs a water pump, spark plug wires, some minor rust work, and the drivers side window is off track. I have owned the car for the past year and kept up on all routine work (oil changes ect.) Otherwise the car runs and could go for a while. Email me for pictures of the car. Just looking to get back what i put into the car in the past year;
Spark plugs
Coil Pack
Alternator belt
02 sensor
mass air flow sensor

Asking $1300.00 but open to all offers
email- [email protected];)
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Good luck on your build. The Jetta is a nice car and your car just needs a couple of aftermarket parts to make it good as new. I'm building a new Jetta as well and need a Volkswagen Passat A/C & Heater Control (OEM) like this here.
Tons of parts you badly need to keep your car running, been having a lot of parts via online store they have extensive part directory to any part you need to assemble your machine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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