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2000 jetta VR6

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hey guys im getting rid of my 96' altima and iv been looking at some different jettas. iv found a good deal on a 2000 vr6 and up until now iv heard nothing but good about jettas in general. i was looking through some reviews and iv found endless amounts of people who all ay the same thing. "the car is a lemon". lots of people said that the O2 sencors were going bad every 40000kms, brake light failure, lots of mention about windows breaking, etc...
i understaind that you will find more bad reviews than good of any car because the people who like thier cars dont generaly go out of thier way to post it as much as people who have had real problems. however the bad reviews seem to be endless. i would be greatful for anyone with first hand experience with this car who can fill me in a bit.
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I currently am driving a 96 Honda Accord V6 and have the option of trading it straight across for a 2000 Jetta VR6 with 93,000 miles.

My question is, what kind of maintenance may I be expecting at this millage? The dealership says that the vehicle has passed a 32 point inspection (whatever that means)
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