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So I have a clunk, 2.5 years and 30k miles after putting in some 1" drop lowering springs and struts. Mechanic says it seems that I have some excessive travel in the front passenger side strut housing, but that the strut doesn't seem to be blown. He wants me to replace the strut, as well as the upper and lower bushings at the top of the strut tower.

My concerns are these:
1. How do you go about finding struts that are specifically designed to accomodate a 1" drop? Perhaps mine already do, and it's just the bushings that are deteriorated? All the listings I find don't address a drop, except for springs.

2. Since it didn't do this when I first put the suspension in, I'm assuming that bushing deterioration is to blame (and, since it's only doing it on the passenger side). 96k miles on the car, so it's definitely a possibility. Anyone got an opinion on how to specifically tell if a strut is blown? I don't get 'hopping' over bumps or anything, and the thing still handles well...I just get a fairly modest 'clunk' when going over a rough patch of asphalt, or a large pothole/bump.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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