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I have a 2001 VW jetta VR6 GLS with 110K miles on it
AFP engine and FCZ transmission
Here is the issue
when I put the gear into D car moves really slow, RPM goes up but the car does not accelerate at all( max 5-10 mph)
When I put into 1 and 2 same issue as it is in D( slow movement!!!)
In 3 goes little bit faster 2 but still does not go more than 10-15 mph ;)
when I put it into R it drives really nice on reverse with no problem. (I drove
it for good 4 min on reverse :cool:)
When I checkedit first time it gave me p0740 torque converter solenoid malfunction.(p0740) I erased the error and than I start the car.
Still same problem with trany but when I checked the check engine light this time was only P0030 error( H20S heater control circuit) no p0740!? but
still the same problem only Reverse works fine.
So far I have driven the car for good 20 min and still no p0740 error (5-10 mph).
Also I checked the Tranny hydraulic Pressure and it seems fine.
my assumption is Valve body but I'm not 100% sure
Any suggestion will be helpfull.
Thanks ;)
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