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I have a 2001 Jetta with over 180k miles on it and once in a while it shifts hard from 2nd to 3rd gear. I've had the car for only 5 months now and it used to happen once a month and now it's about every couple of days... The shifting has also become much harder. :( It seems kind of random, not necessarily when the car is cold. In fact it only happens once I'm on the road at least 10 minutes. It often happens when going uphill (i.e. climbing an overpass).

I've done some research online and here are the things I want to try:

1. Reset procedure described here: - anybody familiar with this?

2. Replace valve body with Sonnax rebuilt. Valve body failure seems to be the most common cause of O1M transmission issues and I hope it will fix mine at least for some time (another half a year?). Could anyone commend and recommend the best placed to get a valve body?

3. Rebuild transmission. Any recommendations for this in the Bay Area? Needless to say price matters... a lot.

Any advice appreciated.
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