2001 Mk4 1.8t A/T with 183,000 miles. $4500 OBO by April.
I've been working on this car for the past 7 years, put my heart and soul into it, but it is time that I let this go. PM offers. Would be happy to test drive it with you, I'm proud of my work. It is daily driven.

tl:dr - around $6000 in parts installed (mainly suspension overhaul), a new paintjob, and new (used) interior installed.
If you are looking for your entry into the Eurotuner world with a gorgeous Mk4, here is your best chance. With a complete suspension overhaul:
KW V1 Coilovers, front and rear
Hotchkiss Antisway bars, front and rear
ECS Brace bar, front
UNIbrace XB brace, rear
Steering rack - Quick rack from an Audi TT
Polybushings in the control arms and steering rack
Metal bushings in the subframe.
To handle the change in suspension geometry it has shortened Raxle CV axles.
Also, it has a great look with the discontinued and no longer available Bora R front bumper, tinted windows at 20% front, 80% rear (warrantied), and a brand new "Carbon Black Metalic" (I know it looks blue) paint job to match (warranted).
You can be on rails on highway 9 and out to La Honda. While you are doing that you can be listening to whatever you want with
Sony XAV1000 - with Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay
And listen to it without the usual annoyance of a stiff suspension as it already has RoadKill and Second Skin Luxury Liner installed under the carpet and in the doors.
The interior is 20 years old, however it hasn't been used for 183,000 miles as it is out of a impounded Jetta that was sent to pick n pull.
If you are concerned about anything failing, you don't have to worry about
Silicon Coolant Hose kit
Aluminum coolant flange kits
New thermostat
New coolant expansion tank installed
034 Diverter Valve installed
PCV service
Timing Belt service
K&N Air filter
Water pump serviced
Engine Mounts replaced
Throttle body serviced
Fuel Filter replaced
Brake Booster replaced
Master Cylinder replaced
AC serviced, new expansion valve
Heater core replaced
Window regulators and motors replaced
Windshield washer motor replaced
Recently taken to 034 Service and looked over.
Number 1: The A/T transmission, going forward it is fantastic and smooth, however, it intermittently will not go into reverse (strangely only once it has warmed up), which is annoying, but it has been that way for a couple of years and is not deteriorating at all. IF you are quite mechanically inclined, a manual swap to this would make one amazing piece of machinery.
Number 2: Check engine light P1297 Turbocharger connection. Could be the charge pipe (downpipe) from the turbocharger to the intercooler. Could also be the turbo itself. If you are looking to throw a big turbo on it, you would need to replace it anyways.
Number 3: Brake pad light is on. It needs new pads. If you are interested in doing a big brake kit, you could easily do that.
Number 4: The windshield is stock and that means it has a number of little chips and a fairly large crack on the right side. New estimate from SafeLite is ~$330. (I've been living with it for a couple of years).
Also, enjoy the heated seats, husky floor mats, thermal window inserts (if you need them), as well as a goodie bag of accessories that I have accumulated over the years:
The old CV axles, old steering rack, brake booster, HVAC blower motor, a VAG-COM, OBD-II reader along with a number of parts and nuts and bolts from all of the jobs over the years. A tinkerers dream! I can provide the paper work of all of the work over the years as I have kept it all.