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I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T. the oil light keeps coming on even though it's full. also, the turbo recently went out and I had to get a new one put on. However, after a day of having it back from the shop, the computer went into safe mode and shut it off, and the valve train started making this terrible rattling sound. My theory is that the oil pump is bad, or there is an oil clog somewhere. before it went to the shop, the oil was milky, so I'm guessing the seal went bad in the old turbo and it leaked coolant into the oil. The oil is no longer milky, but I am having these problems. The other day when I started it after it started having these problems, there was no noise, and the turbo was back to normal. I shut it off again though, so to not do anymore damage than what already might be done. Does anyone have any idea what might be my problem? I also have codes P0012, intake cam bank 1 over-retarded, and P0411 secondary air injection incorrect flow. Both codes were repeated twice, until I unplugged the battery and reset the computer. Now, so far, I only have P0012.

Somebody! please help me! I need at least one car running! My trucks brake line just burst, and my firebirds currently in the midst of a motor upgrade. I've never worked on a Jetta before, let alone a foreign car!

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