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2002 Tornado Red Jetta Mirrors

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Ok so i have a 2002 tornado red 1.8t GLS jetta.

today we had freezing rain and when i left for school my entire car was frozen over so i deiced and all that.

Later when i'm driving home, i noticed that my passenger mirror had its whole bottom right hand corner of the frame chipped off. The mirror wasn't damaged, but its frustrating to see a missing corner.

I was wondering what is the best fix for it. I've found replacement mirrors on the auto part webstites, but the mirror is black, and there are no color options.
Do i just order one of those mirrors and then paint it myself? or is there a way for someone else to do a professional job for me?

thanks much

ps. pictures if needed
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pics would help me visualize what you are talking about. You could try buying one and painting it, or you could look at a junk yard for one. If it is just the housing, the are held on by 2 tiny torx screws from the bottom. Or, you could look at this as an opportunity to go ahead and put some stubbies on there.:D
i work in a body shop and ive done countless lens changes on the mkiv jetta, though it is easy if you know what your doing, i do not recommend taking one apart unless you know what your doing because they can be a ***** goin back together, the 2 tiny torxs only start it, theirs an ass amount of clips and springs and wires
While there are clips, the only wires are the 2 for the heater element. The spring you are talking about is part of the mirror assembly for the "Break Away" feature, and isn't touched. Basically, if you have any mechanical sense and patience, you can fix it.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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