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2002 Tornado Red Jetta Mirrors

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Ok so i have a 2002 tornado red 1.8t GLS jetta.

today we had freezing rain and when i left for school my entire car was frozen over so i deiced and all that.

Later when i'm driving home, i noticed that my passenger mirror had its whole bottom right hand corner of the frame chipped off. The mirror wasn't damaged, but its frustrating to see a missing corner.

I was wondering what is the best fix for it. I've found replacement mirrors on the auto part webstites, but the mirror is black, and there are no color options.
Do i just order one of those mirrors and then paint it myself? or is there a way for someone else to do a professional job for me?

thanks much

ps. pictures if needed
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i work in a body shop and ive done countless lens changes on the mkiv jetta, though it is easy if you know what your doing, i do not recommend taking one apart unless you know what your doing because they can be a ***** goin back together, the 2 tiny torxs only start it, theirs an ass amount of clips and springs and wires
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