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2003 Jetta 1.8T problem...need help

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I was just wondering if anyone knows what this is or how to fix it. Here's the story. I just got my 2003 Jetta 1.8T this fall and it is great. This winter on the really cold mornings I have trouble starting it. I put the key in and turn it, but all that happens is the radio goes on and heat/defrosters go on. When I turn the key there is no turnover or clicking what so ever. I take the key out and try it again until usually about 3-5 tries later it finally starts up. I replaced the battery a few weeks ago and everything worked great, until it got colder again. So this morning the same thing happened. It took 3 tries of taking the key out, putting it back in the ignition, and turning it again with absolutely no clicking or turnover. Finally on the 4th try it started. It only seems to do this on the coldest days, and after it starts once for the day it starts up perfectly every time after that the same day, no matter how long between starts. I can't figure this out. Please help!
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Just an idea, but check your terminals? Do you have a battery box? is it seated properly? are your terminals tight? if you have a box, does it seal completely? or is it letting in condinsation? that would freeze on the terminals? Just a thought, i havent ever heard of this but i would guess that its terminal based if i was a betting person!
The terminals are tight. There is no condensation at all. Everything seems to be good. I am going to put in a new starter relay and see if that takes care of the problem. I am hoping so before things get expensive. If anyone else has an ideas I would love to here them. Thanks.
Did you resolve your problem?

Just wondered if you resolved your problem with the car starting? My dealer mentioned something that i thought you would find interesting! Our friend bought a 1999 Beetle and she was having the same issue w/ it starting , he had her take her keys to the dealer, and they checked it, here the computer chip was going bad in the key itself! That was the issue all along!! Something to think about!
I should definitely have that checked out. My remote on my key stopped working around the same time as all of this happening. I thought they were separate issues, but I guess I will find out. I replaced the battery in the key remote and nothing. I tried resetting the key and nothing. I actually hope you are correct so I can stop trying to figure this out. I talked to a guy yesterday and he thinks it might be the starter...I am hoping you are correct and not him. Thanks again!
Thanks for the help everyone. I got it fixed now. Turns out that the electrical portion of the ignition switch was faulty. Also got my key remote fixed since that stopped working. Even though my warranty was up they still fixed it under warranty for me. It's nice not paying for things!
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