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so I just bought this from a guy who owns a VW repair shop. 70k miles on it .. exterior - ehh so so .. interior.. also not the greatest/ mostly the headliner .. but they all get saggy.. ANYHOW I started noticing this burning smell. No check engine light. Doesn’t drive or shift funny. Timing belt just recently replaced.. I can’t tell if it’s just a burning smell.. burning oil.. or burning rubber. Doesn’t make any noises.. doesn’t smoke.. no white or blue smoke from the exhaust. No signs of a blown head gasket. I’m really hoping this isn’t a sign of a blown turbo.. or soon to be bad turbo. Has anyone else experienced this?
Also what’s the secondary air flow intake and how important is it?
Thank you

also paid $3k for it so I’m really hoping I’m just being paranoid!
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