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Hello Everyone,
I currently have a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 GLS we purchased last fall for $12,000
The car was recently in an accident and needs both front fenders, a new bumper cover, a passengers side headlight assembly, and a drivers door rear view mirror.
In response to a few questions I have received from phone calls I have updated some information here.
The car runs and drives like new we have driven the car a few times in between rentals the damage is only cosmetic.
The car is a tiptronic transmission which is an automatic which also can be manually shifted as well.
We have decided to sell this car to purchase a newer model.

2004 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 GLS
70,000 Miles
Fully Loaded Options
All Power/Ac/etc...
Leather Heated Seats/etc...
Tinted Glass
Indigo Blue
Location: Burlington, Vt.
$4,500 OBO

If anyone may be interested in receiving any further information you may contact me via email or phone:
email: [email protected]
Phone: (802) 310-5284
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Thank You,
Edward Brown
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Discussion Starter · #3 · is a fairly easy fix someone could quite possibly do themselves if they were handy except for maybe the paint.
It was estimated by a friend who owns an auto body repair shop. He qouted me about $1,800.00 but mind you that is a friend and the same fix in an expensive shop i.e. Volkswagen Dealer could be priced by them at $4,500 so the savings come from doing the repair yourself and/or locating a privately owned shop to give you a reasonable price for doing the work.

Basically less than a weeks work for $800 Labor, $600 Parts, $400 Primer/Paint was his estimate.

We priced all the parts on at about $600 for all new after market parts i.e. bumper cover, 2 fenders, hood, driver's side mirror, passengers side headlight assembly.

I estimate the end cost will be just under $7,000 for someone to purchase the Jetta for $4,500 and have all the repairs completed with someone else doing all the work or $5,500 if you do the work yourself.

I would fix the car myself but I am better working with a hammer and wood than with a wrench and
The real reason now she wants a Brand New Car...ouch that

Edward Brown
Vermont Building Contractor
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