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Was driving a couple of days ago and all of a sudden got a strange warning message "no engine oil pressure" followed by the engine shutting down. Come to find out, the last place I had my car parked had a great deal of oil spilled on it, and when I tried to replace the oil, it was just pouring out of the bottom of the engine somewhere. The car will not turn over, so I had it towed to a reliable mechanic. He is telling me that one of the cams is spinning and the other is not; how can this be? He thinks that possibly the timing chain is not wrapped around the other cam, and that I may have thrown a gear or something, but that it would not explain the hemoraging of oil. They want me to pay 350 bones in order to find out if the engine can be salvaged, or if it is done. Anyone have any experience with this?? Also, any reliable source for used/rebuilt engines?
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