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I have a 2006 GLI with about 130k miles on it. Recently I've developed the following electrical issues:

1. When using the key in the driver's door to lock/unlock (my key fob is long broken, thus no remote lock/unlock), only the drivers door locks/unlocks. The other doors remain in their previous state and I can lock/unlock all the other doors using the lock/unlock button on any door from inside the car.
2. Passenger window does not roll down (stuck up). I can hear a click when I use the button to try and roll it down.
3. Horn does not "toot" when car is fully locked. No doors/trunk/hood indicate open on the dash.

I've tried the disconnect battery and hold cables together for 10 seconds trick, no change. I'm guessing all these issues are related. I'm on the list for an ID.4 later this year which will replace my trusty Jetta, so I really don't want to put too much more money into the car.

Are there any reasonably easy/cheap fixes for these nuisances?
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