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Hello All,

I am new to these forums so please excuse any noobness on my part.

I have a 2006 Jetta GLI 2.0 Turbo and I'm having some serious issues with it now. I have had my check engine light on for some times now...and any time I put a scanner on it is says "System running lean - Bank 1". I've changed the air sensor that corresponds to bank 1, but the check engine light never goes off (even after clearing it with the scanner, it'll stay off for 2 days then come back). The other day I was driving it and the "STOP: Low engine oil pressure" message pops up. I immediately pull over and check my oil. The oil was good. So not taking any chances I drove it straight home.

I spoke to my mechanic and he told me it could be the oil-pick up that's clogged. So we opened the oil pan and took a look at the oil pump and screen. Everything looked clean. I've always been good about changing my oil. So the mechanic told me that it could have been a one time occurance and to try driving it again. Not to long after the same low oil pressure light comes on. Take it back home and drop the scanner on it again and it says system running lean and 3 out of my 4 cylinders are misfiring...nothing about oil pressure. The mechanic told me that system running too lean means that not enough fuel is making it to the engine and that it may be a fuel filter issue.

I changed the fuel filter but noticed that the manual said careful because the fuel lines are under high pressure. But when I pulled off the lines there was no pressure in it. The fuel just dripped out. Ok, so after the fuel filter is changed the car is still giving a rough idle and still seems to be missing. Mechanic asked me to drive it for a while to see if the lights come back on. So I drive it and once again low engine oil pressure comes back on. When he drops the scanner on it system too lean - 3/4 cylinders misfiring. So I changed the spark plugs (which weren't old at all 5 months old max). Mechanic then tells me that the fuel pump may be bad (seeing as how when I changed the fuel filter there was no pressure in the line. Reluctantly I buy a new fuel pump and change it out. Now when we start the car it's worse than before. The car is sputtering severly and idling horribly. There is also a small amount of white smoke that is coming out of the tail pipe.

I took off the battery to see if that will clear any readings that may be "stuck" in the system. The check engine light is now blinking and I have to put the scanner back on to see what's the message now.

Please if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I don't have a local VW dealer that I can take it too as I'm in the US Virgin Islands. I'll try to get exact codes on here when I get them.
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