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first of all. im ryan and i bought a 2007 w.ed. jetta a few months ago. but have some questions people might be able to answer a little better. i want to swap my regular mp3 player radio for the rns-510, first is that possible, then what else is needed besides the unit itself of course. i have heard that on gauge cluster where the red screen is that will have to be changed to the full size one instead of the half screen. now if thats the case how hard is that.

third, when i bought my car with 56k miles it sounded clean and ran good. i changed my oil at 60k and am now a little over 63k but my motor is sounding really rough so to say, i used vw approved oil of course to keep my warranty, normal? any major maintenance things needed to be done, cause my book doesn't state it is needed. better to take it to vdub?

fourth, it doesn't matter if the car is running or not as long as it is "on", it makes a ticking noise as if there were something stuck in a tire and kept clicking on the road, best way i can describe it, what is this noise and is it normal, bad, doesn't matter, no idea?

fifth, my car doesn't have a chime if i leave my lights on and get out of the car.UNLESS my keys are in the ignition, and its not a door open chime as the light one is a lot faster repititions than the door open chime.
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