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Hi there - New here so feel free to redirect me if I'm in the wrong forum.

I'll also preface with the fact that I have very little understanding of vehicles but if anyone is willing to break some things down for me I'm interested in learning more. I'll be taking my car to a mechanic but would like to have a sense of what might be going on first so I can know what I'm asking for in a diagnostic.

Car specs: 2009 VW Jetta SE - Manual Clutch - 99,000 + miles

When using the blinker turn signal left, my blinker works fine. When using the blinker turn signal right, the blinker is erratic. It will blink right one time, then stop, then blink left several times and sometimes go back to the right. The number of times it blinks left or right is not consistent, and sometimes this doesn't even happen.

Occasionally, I've found that by putting pressure on the blinker lever I can sometimes get a response and correct the signal. It's unclear if the pressure helps or if the signal has switched back due to other reasons. Sometimes taking a hard turn makes putting consistent pressure on the lever unattainable.

The dash light signals are a direct indication of what is happening outside of the vehicle as I've stood outside of my car while the right blinker is on and watched both the dash, front and back turn signal lights.

There is an occasional pre-mature "click" coming from within the steering column which is a sound I associate with the lever "releasing" or the turn signal turning off. It doesn't seem to be directly related to when the turn signal is on or off but is just an observation.

Looking for some advice on anything I can do to troubleshoot this issue and if someone has an idea of what could be happening.
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