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I wanted to post this because this site has been very helpful to me over the years. I wanted to share an odd issue I experienced with my Jetta, in the hopes that if someone else runs into the problem, that this will save them the days, and hours of research and testing that I went through to solve it.

The initial issue was the dreaded Airbag System light illuminating on my dash. I didn't have a code reader that could read the code for it so I ordered a new reader based on a review, I had it from Amazon the next day. the code showed 02511, or AirBag Control Module failure for the passenger seat.

I did a lot of research online, read forum postings, watched videos. I climbed under my passenger seat, unseated, cleaned, and reseated everything. Nothing helped, and clearing the code it came right back.

I gave up for a few days, the weather got colder, that's when I noticed that my heated seats, both of them were not working. I listened for relay sounds, checked with multi-meter tests, no voltage to the seats.

I was at the point where I was going to have to take it in to have it looked at, I had done everything I could, short of replacing the module with one from a junkyard, that would require a dealership visit to recalibrate it.

Another thing to note, my 2009 was purchased in December of 2008, and my car's fuse box looks like an 08, even though it's in an 09. The manual for my car has an incorrect fuse section in it that doesn't match most of what I have installed. I researched online and found what looked like a guide page with my fuse panel on it, I checked fuse 4, which showed as the heated seat control module fuse. It was blown, go figure, I replaced it, the heated seats both worked again. I read the airbag code again, cleared it, it did not come back. It's been a week now with no issues.

I would have never guessed that a single fuse would have taken out the heated seats, and also been for the power to the seats airbag sensor.

Anyhow, there you go, if you ever have some oddness like this with your car, now you know what it was, I hope it helps save someone the trouble down the road.
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