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Does anyone know if VW (or anyone) makes VW Owner's Manuals available on-line for non-owners? I'm specifically interested in the 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI 6-Speed. We've never owned a diesel before and as we compare different vehicles, I'd like to educate myself on TDI ownership to see what might be different with a diesel in terns of operation and maintenance. Thank you.

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Ive read somewhere that VW doesnt have any online manuals....sorry

Its a real shame, especially when youve bought one used, and it doesnt come with one :(

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Thanks! I guess what's most on my mind are questions like these:

How well does cabin heat work on cold days? This month's Car & Driver mentioned that on very cold days, the cabin heat never comes because the coolant doesn't heat. Canadian models get electric heaters in the airstream, but not U.S. models.

Is there an easy U.S. source for engine oil for owners who prefer to change their own oil? What does the 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI require (VW 5xx.xx?) I've read that even some VW Dealers aren't using VW-approved oil.

Oil changes at 10,000 Miles?

Timing belt change at 100,000 Miles?

Is any sort of warm up procedure called for?

Is any sort of cool down procedure called for? (I once had a turbo gas truck which recommended that the engine idle for a few minutes after spirited driving or heavy hauling.)

Thanks very much.

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Oh, and I should have asked too if 6-Speed Manual Transmission shift points are shown. I've driven manual transmissions daily for 30 years, but never a diesel and with the high torque of a diesel, I'm uncertain if the shift points will have a different feel than with a gasser.

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"How do owners lose Manuals" I guess shyt just happens... I've hade many new cars and never lost one manual until this time, i guess there's a first time for evrything.

I needed my manual to find out where to tap in my radar detector on the fuse box using an add-a-fuse. After picking one , I have the Air Bag simbal display in my instrument panel... now what?


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Thank you for the links! I just bought a used 2009 Sportwagen SEL, and I needed the Manual's too!


If you are looking to get an owners manual you can check either of the following sites to obtain one:

I am looking for an owners manual for my 2008 GLI that I just purchased, but ironically neither of those sites has a manual for the 2008 model year. Go figure....

Hope this helps you in your quest.

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The TDI for that year will have a DPF, and that means you need their
507.00 (LOW SAPS) oil, and is much more than synthetics in a store,
or synthetic diesel motor oil found in stores.

1: DSG fluid and filter change every 60,000 miles. Kits are $100+, and that's
just for 5-quarts of fluid and a filter. Dealer service is $300+, it is a major
undertaking compared to the gas counterpart.

2: Fuel Filter change every 40,000 miles, $25.00+ a pop.

3: Oil change every 10,000 miles. I buy filters in bulk, I change my oil
every 6-7 weeks due to the miles I rack up, so I go 12K. You'll pay
$90.00 at a dealer or more, I pay under $30.00 each, as I do not use
THEIR certified oil.

4: Timing belt, depends on year, mine says 120,000, but I am at 151,000+
Still on the original accessory/serpentine belt and coolant.

5: Air filter has a longer interval than the gas engine counterpart, and
claim 40000 miles each air filter change. I use a K&N, two of them,
and swap them out each interval. I use an OE paper filter in the winter.

I have been using Rotella T6 5W40 at $20.00 a gallon (Walmart), and still are.
The last two changes I used DELO-400 5W40 diesel synthetic. 5W40 by
anyone will always be synthetic, there is no conventional 5W40, is with 15W40.
They are both formulated for DPFs, but are not ultra-low SAPS like the
507.00 certified oils. I buy two every 4th change, since you need 5
quarts (just over 4.5 liters).

I had no issues up till when the DPF cracked at over
100,000 miles. It cracked because I installed torque
mount bushing insert, and the vibrations from the
engine tore it apart; which is why, I guess, they say
not for TDI models....

So, you have almost twice the maint. cost over a gas model.
I got one because I needed the MPG with my job, so I extend
the service intervals. I do my fuel filter/DSG every 60/80k, will be
on my 3rd one very soon, with 3rd DSG service. Also, keeping
costs down, and doing this all myself is a real pisser in winter

I got my $1000.00 from VW, so the $500 dealer card, I am buying
up oil, filters, and DSG fluids to as close to 500 as I can possibly
get, or, $500 towards a timing belt service. The dealer rapes you
on costs. I found someone who will do the timing belt for $680,
so if VW charges me $1200, then there is no sense in using the
$500 prepaid dealer card, and then paying $700 over top of that,
when at just about $700, I can get it done elsewhere, and spend
the $500 on other stuff at the dealer.

You, buying one after the scandal, won't get the $1000 goodwill package.
Once I get rid of my Charger and 2013 Jetta Gasser, I am getting another
TDI. The dealers are allowed to sell USED ones, they are not allowed
to certify them. They had a used 2012 Passat TDI Premium, I just
wasn't ready...
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