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I recently bought this jetta from a dealers auction. It's a flood from Hurrican Sandy. :mad:************before anyone gives me any lip about how its a flood, YES, i am WELL AWARE of what can happen to flooded vehicles. We can see the waterline and there was no water in the engine or oil. Just got on the floor a little bit. :mad:

So I'm not familiar with VW at all really. Well when we go to start it, turn the key halfway for the battery and everything lights up (headlights, radio, speakers work, dash lights up) but when you go to turn it on it all just cuts off. No crank of the engine at all and all the electronics shut off. We replaced the started, stripped the car of everything in order to dry out and also see the wires. Wires are in good shape and there is no corrosion. Airbag box needs replaced. But we did a full scan of the whole thing and we can't find anything wrong.

So here's where i need suggestions........I've been told check the ECU, unhook the battery and hook it back up, immobilizer issue....and so on. We are going to be getting the wiring diagram for the car but until then I was hoping to find some suggestions.

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