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The car Vibrates when put on Reverse, and the foot brake is held. When releasing the brake, the vibration reduces or lowers and then comes back when you actuate the brake pedal again.

The same phenomenon exists on Drive mode as well but far less.

Engine Idles fine. Neutral feels fine. Accelerating feels fine. Regardless of how many hours I drive or keep the engine ON (did for a couple of long road trips), the phenomenon is re-creatable. So warming up the engine did not help.


The car takes 1-2 seconds to move when the brake pedal is released sometimes. Noticeable on slight inclines or flatter surface. Not a problem when the car is on a downhill situation. Happens at least 50% of the time on stop lights every drive I make (cold/or not). No, mashing the Gas pedal right away does not make it any better.

When the car finally moves, it feels like I just let the brakes go. Sometimes there is this noise like a Click or brake release (imagined) noise before the car starts moving.

The car vibrates a little when mashing the brakes hard at 65Mph or higher. Not during slower speeds. Also Had this ticking noise related to speed. Increases in frequency with tire rotation speed. But the noise is gone when the rust disappeared after a bit of driving (800+ miles). Vibration remains.

What can I do?

  1. The car had its Transmission Fluid replaced at the VW dealership. It was a "Drain and Fill" and not a flush. My experience started as soon as I replaced the fluid 1Month/2500 Miles ago (family member's car that I just bought out, sat a lot than being driven. 15K miles only on the ODO).
  2. Brake Fluid was flushed at the same time as well.
  3. Rotors were rusted quiet a bit when I took the car over. Is it time I consider replacing the Brake pads and rotors and hope the problem goes away with sticking and brake related vibrations?
The dealership I serviced the car at didn't even notice the issues aforementioned. But I remember driving this car off the lot brand new. None of these issues were there and it all feels relatively new to me.

Please help by sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am an auto illiterate here. So your input goes a long way from me being screwed at the dealership.
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