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2014 jetta s 2.0 mods?

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I just picked up this car and was looking for some ideas of how to get a little more power out of it. I have the 5 speed manual. It is kind of peppy, but upsets me when my co-workers 2.4 liter cvt accord beats me from a red light. What can I do to keep up?
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The "Big 3" are always an option. the big 3 being intake, exhaust, and tuning.

If you do some looking around, you'll probably find lots and lots of ideas. The site has a pretty good search feature to make things easier to find.

Are you sure that your car is a 2.0 and not the 1.8?

I'm new to VW myself, and I'm still learning too. There is much about these cars that I've struggled to learn, other aspects are pretty easy to figure out.

Welcome to JJ. Have paitence, be prepared to do lots of looking at seemingly irrelevant threads, even the seemingly irrelevant threads have good info and you'll be fine.

I have started looking into those already. I'm sure it is the 2.0 8 valve. I know it is the lower hp motor, but from the research I did and the few that my brother owned, I know the reliability is amazing.
Do nothing to it, wait it out and trade it in for a 2.0T or SE/SEL with a 1.8T
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