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Just got my Jetta out of the body shop after being in there for a month. Got into a fender bender with a brand new Infiniti SUV in September. The damage to my Jettas was on the drivers side, badly damaged plastic bumper (I miss chrome bumpers) grill damage and damage to the interior engine compartment. The front end actually shifted to the left as show by the wide gap between hood and quarter panel. So that's the damage.
What I noticed last night is that the drivers side turning light is on constantly unlike the passenger side which is working normally.
I am a little confused as to why this is if when you replace the headlight you either label or go one connection at a time. On Tuesday I plan on calling the body shop and have to wait who knows how long is if tis is something I can take care of my self. Then to boot, the end a bad year my engine light came on also. Will be putting the tester on that to see what it is the error.
Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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