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I had a minor mishap with my MKIV last week and unfortunately it will not recover (damn icy roads)…
Insurance decided to total it due to the fact that MKIV's have some age on them now and cost too much to fix anymore to them.
To top it off, I had just had my brand new 3" 42DD exhaust put on…:'(

I have removed the exhaust since it was not damaged at all, with hopes to give someone else the joy of this beautiful exhaust. I decided to see what kind of interest I would have on here for such an exhaust. Here's all the details on it:

42 Draft Designs 3" Turbo Back Exhaust for 1.8T
I bought it with and had it installed with the test pipe (I also purchased the Magna-Flow high-flow cat that has yet to come in the mail...and also a wayne angle block to eliminate the CE light)
Has the Magna-Flow muffler with dual 3" tips.
The exhaust has no more than 100 miles on it. It sounded amazing for the time I had it on, and you can definitely feel the power difference. Obviously, the high-flow cat and WAB have no miles on them at all.

I am looking to get almost as much as I put into it since it is practically brand new. I am asking $950 plus shipping for the whole system (high-flow cat and all). I paid over $1k for it brand new.

Due to the limited amount of use on this exhaust, I'm firm on this price. I don't want to separate the package either unless you have a justified case. If someone wants to meet up to do the transaction instead of paying for shipping, I'm willing to do so also. Please keep in mind that I live about 45 min southwest of Akron, OH, but I am currently commuting to Akron for classes.

Also, if interested, I have an Injen cold air intake that has some miles on it. I can include this in the package if you so desire. I paid $300 for it new, but I can part with this for $100 since its been used for a while. It has a K&N filter with a hydroshield.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope this can give someone as much joy as I was hoping for on my car. I can post pictures later for those that are interested, but know that I do not have the high-flow cat or WAB yet as they are still being delivered.
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