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<.< 84 GLI Coupe

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Hey guys some many know my little gem ive been working on... also im Niko

1984 Jetta GLI Coupe :rolleyes:

Its a rare car in North America it was only available for one year in Canada and was luck not only to get the Sedan they also got the Coupe where our a American friends got only the Sedan. So what was so special about the GLI well really it was a German GTI with a trunk and different seat inlets then the GTI witch were so ugly compared to the GTI plaid. My GLI is stilling in its correct color LA3A Mars Red just triple base coat clear there was only 4 colors available for the GLI in 84. There's been some though that only 1800 Units were made for this market and about 200,000 Jettas were made of the mk1 for the North American market.

My mod list so far:
The block from a 88 Audi 80 reused the stock 8V Head G grind cam drilled out the bottom half of the air box diesel throttle body 2 inch high flow exhaust with both high flow cat and muffler.

Is some what a work of a mad man lol 1.25" H&R springs stiff ass Bilsteins Shocks Front Brakes from a B3 Passat a long with the B3 Spindles reversed tie rods both front and rear Neuspeed strut bars going to modify the cross bar to work on the Jetta all sitting on a set of 155/55R14 Federal Formoza FD1 mounted on 14x7 Bassett Lightweight D holes weighing in at 15 lb each. Wheel bolts from BFI there great at keeping sticky finger people at bay.

Has been just been reGLIed and Added the OEM Euro headlights Grill for added kick the Kamei X1 kit made for the Rabbit took a bit to fit it just right to the Jetta front end took a couple times to get it mounted lol will add the GLI stripes once the car has been fix.

Is 95% stock only difference is the Momo Corse Steering Wheel with matching shift knob and GTI Scirocco front Buckets seats and Center gauges from a Audi Quattro Coupe as well as a 1984 Blaupunkt Wiesbaden SQR 45 headunit.

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