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This is my latest toy, I've had alot of Vdubs in the past, mainly air cooled, a couple of Jettas (all stock), had a Bitchin' '75 Scirroco, pulled a drivetrain out of a MK1 GTI Rabbit and transplanted it into the Scirroco.
So far I've replaced all 4 struts withe Bilstein parts and lowered 2", all suspension bushings were replaced with poly. New lower control arms so I could install a front swaybar, rear swaybar, front upper and lower stress bars, rear upper stress bar, rebuilt the shifter ball, replaced all the shift linkage with an Autotech shortshift kit and shift weight, it ha a 5 lug swap from a Passat and 4 wheel disc brakes, running 16" Passat wheels.

After I fix the slight miss (another thread), I'd love to get some more info on doing a 16v swap. Let me know what you think, theres more to come, alot more!
As soon as I figure out how to add pics I will.

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