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94 jetta

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I just bought a 94 Jetta off a guy I work with for 200 bucks. I took apart the intake and theres oil everywhere and I kept look for a pcv valve on these cars and says it doesn't have one. SO i'm curious to as what is that thing called that does the same function? And why is there oil all over inside of my intake? I know it needs a headgasket and a new tranny, seeing as it has all the other gears but reverse, I tried to get it into reverse and it just makes a weird noise and doesn't go anywhere. Oh and I'm totally new to Jettas so help would be appreciated a lot.
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Welll tell us many miles is on the tranny....... and im thinking because of the blown head gasket that it would spit oil back into everything...... maybe not....
Well its got 211,000 on it. It also needs a new MAS, it idles like **** with it plugged in but idles high without it plugged in. My neighbor says it sounds like the piston rings are shot.
Well..... do you have the resources to take the engine cap off????? possibly the head... you'll definetlyfind out.... if the piston rings are shot though then it wouldn't have good compresion..... does it spit and sputter on rev up??

To be honest i would replace the head gasket see how it runs then??? if it doesn't stop theres def something wrong....
Yeah it does a little, but when driving it has plenty of power. I'll try replacing the head gasket then see how it runs. Well it also doesn't have a MAS hooked up either so that could be the sputtering taking off too.
How hard is it take it apart to get to the head gasket? I was looking and it doesn't look very hard. I've got the haynes book for it too.
Same here..... those books are awsome... But depending on what motor you have it could be very tricky, mine is only an 8v so its not bad, now some one with a 16v that has the intake coming over the whole head of the engine it might be a little more tricky because there is more to remove...

Yea but i'd get the headgasket replaced, try and replace the MAS and see how she runs..... if you still have trouble, its porbably got a seriouse problem!
there was no 16v in a mkIII in the US. Its pretty easy to do especially if you have a 2.0. Make sure you replace the headbolts too because they are stretch bolts and can only be used once. How do you know the gasket is bad though? Id do a compression test first. Usually if both evens or both odds are low, than its the gasket. If they are random than it is usually a bad ring here or there. 110psi is pretty much the breaking point of your motor. You can also put in some restore, that stuff helps bump your compression back up. If you dont know how to do a compression test properly or still have more ?'s ask and ill tell ya as i know the mkIII pretty well.
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