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to use a 16v head on an ABA block you need to get the timing belt gears off of the 16v and also the dizzy delete, as well as switch out the oil pump( they have different ends that drive them.) then after that it will bolt up.

but if you wanted to actually make power with the engine without boosting it, you would need to use a set of 2.0 16v pistons, and then have the wrist pin bore resized on the con rods to accept the 2.0 16v wrist pins.

then you would have to find a timing belt, a 1.8t timing belt will work.

oh i almost forgot to mention that you also have to remove the alignment dowls in the block, otherwise the head will not fit.

oh and one more thing, you also need to swap out the shutter wheel in the 16v dizzy(which is a 4-window) to the ABA shutter wheel (which is a 2-window)

other then that it is fairly easy and you can get some pretty good torque numbers out of them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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