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97 Jetta Keys dont match

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Hey everyone, im new to this board just signed up today.
I recently bought a 97 jetta glx vr6 and it came with 2 keys
one for ignition, one for doors. Whats my best bet for getting official vw matching keys? Or maybe even just matching keys minus the 'official'.
Thanks for your help

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Hey welcome to the site. sounds like a nice car. so when you have time can you post some pics of your car? as far as your question goes tho i have never herd of having 2 keys. so can't help you out there. sorry. When i bought my car it came with 2 keys but one was a master key and the other was just a spare that couldn't get into personal stuff like opening the trunk or glove box
Probably not. Try calling a couple import shops on your phone book and see if they can work on your car. Don't forget to ask them whats your estimate for the car so you can pick which spot you really want to take your car too.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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