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97 Jetta Keys dont match

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Hey everyone, im new to this board just signed up today.
I recently bought a 97 jetta glx vr6 and it came with 2 keys
one for ignition, one for doors. Whats my best bet for getting official vw matching keys? Or maybe even just matching keys minus the 'official'.
Thanks for your help

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Anything is possible. But could you possibly post a pick of your door handles? I ask that because one tricked out thing people like to do is put in audi door handles and polo door handles. I'm no expert but it sounds like your door locks were changed as your ignition key works in the trunk.
I too have a 97 GLX. Mine does not have a remote. I am unsure if it even comes with one. Your handles are stock but the passenger being blank tells me your handles were changed. There are many reasons this could have been done. I am certain however that that link is not a stock remote. I'll need to do some research on the remote. At some point I would like to get remote entry myself.
No they're both copies. I have the stock key for mine, it looks like you square key with a black rubbery cap with the VW logo on it. I am searching for any pictures or proof of an OEM remote entry fob. So far I have had no luck. The first entries I've seen of any OEM A3 style keyless entry is the 3.5 cabrio. Still looking.
Well I stand corrected after further research I have found that the keyless entry fob does in fact look like the one depicted on the page you have the link displayed for. And that being the case I've gotta say it looks pretty lame doesn't it. What was VW thinking.
Well I'm not certain how well this works as I have not tried it yet. But this is supposedly how to discern if your car has keyless entry on a MkIII. I did find enough literature stating that keyless entry was an option through 96 and near standard from 97 on to convince me to try it.

You can check your car, here's how: You need 2 keys. Put 1 key in ignition and turn on (do not start car), close door, lock drivers door with 2nd key then hold in unlock position untill alarm goes beep, beep, beep. No beeps after 15 seconds? You do not have remote feature. You can check the receiver, located behind the headlight switch, remove the switch. Look behind it, to the right is a silver box (cruize control) to the left, black box=no remote, white box=remote feature. On the passat b4, the silver box behind the headlight switch = keyless alarm, white box = keyless alarm.
I don't recall off hand it might have been from the vortex diy thread or one of the keyless manufacturer sites.
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