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97 Jetta Keys dont match

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Hey everyone, im new to this board just signed up today.
I recently bought a 97 jetta glx vr6 and it came with 2 keys
one for ignition, one for doors. Whats my best bet for getting official vw matching keys? Or maybe even just matching keys minus the 'official'.
Thanks for your help

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Is the vw dealer the only place to get that done?
the weird thing is that neither of them are jetta keys, the ignition key matches the trunk and the center console, but not the doors. Does that mean both the ignition, AND the door locks were changed?
Door handle


Left is ignition, console, glove box and trunk, right is door.

The passenger door handle has a blank hole where the key mechanism should be....

Since i have a 97 GLX, it comes factory with the remote mechanisms right? How do i get the remote for it too?
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Do either of the keys look stock?
didnt work for me, where did you find those instructions?
went to 2 pick n pulls neither of them had anything
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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