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97 Jetta Keys dont match

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Hey everyone, im new to this board just signed up today.
I recently bought a 97 jetta glx vr6 and it came with 2 keys
one for ignition, one for doors. Whats my best bet for getting official vw matching keys? Or maybe even just matching keys minus the 'official'.
Thanks for your help

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Ignition keys

Ok so here is the thing. On the MK3 Jettas the ignition switch was pretty flaky. people would have issues with day time running lights and the what not.

You cannot rekey your ignition but you can easily rekey your door locks, its really easy. There is one bolt that holds the door handles in place. I actually took mine out and drove the car to the dealer. the parts desk guy just gave me a bag of pins. I set there and with the lock cylinders and rekeyed them all at the service desk it took me about 20 minutes.
another thought

There is no need to worry about rekeying the glove box locks and the rear seat locks, it will work with either key.
A lot of times you can just take apart the lock in the door handles and re-order the tumblers to work with the desired key. Occasionally you will need to grind a tumbler or two down. I have never tried to re-order the tumblers in the ignition.

I also have this issue on my Jetta.. But my drivers door and ignition use the same key. The passenger door and trunk use another.. I will be re-ordering the tumblers shorty and will post pictures if my camera decided to cooperate.

There is no need to worry about rekeying the glove box locks and the rear seat locks, it will work with either key.
As I have recently found out... this is not always true.. I had to re-key my glove box and need to do the seats yet.


OK so here are the pics as promised.

This is the only bolt you need to take out of the door to get the handle out.

This is the handle and lock after removed from the door, though removing it can be tricky

A closer view

Remove the lock shaft

Remove return spring

The lock cylinder should slide right out. Be careful not to lose and tumblers or their springs. The safest way to do this would be to put a key in it before sliding it out.

After re-ordering the tumblers its should look like this with the new key in it. All the tumblers are flush

Another view of the cylinder after the tumblers have been re-ordered.

Then just re-assemble in reverse order and your all set

I know this is short and rather non-descriptive but I hope it helps.


P.S. Let me know if the pics don't work.. as I cant load them from where I am.
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