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It is Manual with almost 300k on it. Motor is still strong as ever though.

So here's a list of issues I'm having with my new to me Jetta.

I can hear a rumble noise coming from the front half of the vehicle.
-it only happens during deceleration. and it happens all the time.
-the rumble changes in speed in accordance with how high/low the rpms are.
-doesn't seem to be as noticeable in 4th or 5th as it is in 3rd and 2nd. (still there)
-no vibrations/pulling from the steering wheel.
(my guess is U-Joint but i'm no mechanic)

Second is a clunk noise from the front left wheel area.
-only happens over abrubt/hard bumps such as speedbumps, manholes, bridges etc.
-can't make the sound by bouncing front suspension.
-car doesn't pull either way

And third is my E-Brake sticks on.
-I was hoping this was a common issue but it doesn't look like it is...

-might be the cold but i doubt it because i have tried pulling it in 3 degree Celsius and it still stuck on.

-I can usually get it unstuck by kicking the back tires a bunch and banging on the brake cable. :p

-It seems to always be the right wheel that locks up more than the left which i thought to be very strange.

ANYWAYS, any and all help is greatly appreciated! just thought i would ask a bunch of fellow dubbers before heading to the "stealership".

CHEERS. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Snapshot
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