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97 jetta vr6 Heater Core replacement

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Im replacing my heater core, ive got the instrument panel (dash) out.
Now the instructions say to 'remove housing support bracket' and i have no idea what that is... Has anyone done this that can give some advice? Anybody know of a good DIY on the web anywhere? Please help!
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Soooo this is where i am, wtf do i do now?
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i know someone out there has done a heater core on a 97 vr6
it seems like im going to have to take off this metal bar that goes all the way across... is tha true??? it looks like the steering column is attached to it and i cant get it off
im really stuck... the heater box assembly is not budging... i got the two bolts that are in the engine compartment under the U cutouts in the firewall, i cant think of anywhere else it would be attached
Good news!!!! Got old heater core out, new heater core in!

Couple problems why it wasnt coming out:
1. The debree trap in the plenum had to come out, it was attached by a glued in
i had to pry it off
2. A reason the metal frame wasnt pulling out that far was i forgot to unclip the
fuse box, and it was hitting the paneling around the edges of the door.
3. Took off the bottom half of the heater box where it connects to the air vents
going to the back seat.

those metal clips holding the two halves of the heater box assembly together are a REAL PAIN esp the ones in the back, i hate those things
now i hope i put everything back together with no extra screws and with everything plugged in...
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