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97 jetta vr6 Heater Core replacement

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Im replacing my heater core, ive got the instrument panel (dash) out.
Now the instructions say to 'remove housing support bracket' and i have no idea what that is... Has anyone done this that can give some advice? Anybody know of a good DIY on the web anywhere? Please help!
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look at the fire wall on the motor side of the car you will find two hoses that is apart of your cooling system going threw the fire walll once you have identified there location look on the other side of the fire wall and out should see a plastic housing that you have to get to that has your heater core inside ov it. once you have found it you will need to remove every thing its way some of it should be brackets some of the heater duckting ect..... it sounds like a big project but its not once you locate the heater core
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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